For many years, we have been undertaking many roles in a real estate supply chain as a Developer; Property Manager; General Contractor in Design & Build & MEP, etc. More than anyone else, we know all the know-hows to provide best services in order to bring satisfaction for customers.

  • Risa always puts the benefit of the developer and the residents on our top priority by providing full range of services to the customer from the operation, maintenance project with reasonable and competitive price.
  • Risa will provide the effective solutions for operation and management of the project in order to balance the benefit between the developer and residents.
  • With our experience of being a D&B general contractor, we will implement quickly all supportive services for the residents after handing over to ensure the surplus value for the customer.
  • Specially, Risa will take over the project constructed by Ricons Group in order completing the Ricons’ value chain.Our top priority is Customer service.
  • We also have RIHOMES - Real estate trading agency  which will  support clients to increase their investment value.