In order to maintain a good appearance of the building and property value of customers after putting into use, cleaning service, landscaping service, insect control service and security service play an extremely important role. Depending on the type of project, Risa will provide a set of procedures and service standards that are the most appropriate for the project to ensure a safe and civilized work environment, bringing satisfaction to the lessee.

Cleaning service: Risa has various professional partners in this industry. Each area will be arranged with professionals who shall control tools, cleaning chemical supplies in compliance with strict standards in order not to affect the health of customers and make sure that the environment is always fresh and clean.

Security Services: security – safety of the building including human beings are always our top priority. Therefore, the security - safety plan will be set up for each specific project to control all potential risks of property and people. Security staff must always ensure the standards set out by Risa to contribute to a safe and peaceful work environment for customers.

Insect control service: Giving the project an unpolluted and healthy living space and working environment, and ensuring that the property shall not be destroyed by creatures such as wood vermin, insects, etc… is the supreme purpose of Risa. With modern technology and experienced technicians, Risa has set up the measures to effectively prevent and eliminate the recurrence of insects in the building.

Landscaping service: the landscape contributes to augmenting the aestheticism, increasing the comfort of the building, so care and maintenance service of the landscaping system need maintaining and ensuring to implement. Each area will have a proper approach so that the landscape of the project are sustainable over time.