In the past decade, life of Vietnam urban areas have been changing dramatically; apartment buildings with full utilities are becoming places of great attraction to the population. To effectively manage this type of property as well as to increase asset value over time, RISA provides apartment management services with a commitment to:

  • Ensure safety: Risa plans to supervise service contractors, implement routine preventive maintenance programs and apply international standard operating procedures developed in accordance with the characteristics of each project.
  • Harmonize benefits: Risa will always listen, understand and offer solutions to advise, guarantee the interests of both developers and residents
  • Revenue Improvement: Risa always follows the occupancy rate of the building and market demand in order to continuously improve services provided to office tenants.
  • Cost control: Risa will plan your spending budget thoroughly, arrange payment processes logically and efficiently, and implement periodic, centralized maintenance and maintenance programs focusing on energy saving programs, green standards.
  • Quality assurance: Risa commit to maintain quality, asset value as well as recruit and retrain highly qualified staff.